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3 years ago I took a leap of faith. For 2 years I was too scared to leave an unhealthy, unhappy relationship. I told myself that no matter how “nice” I was, I was too overweight, too lazy, too insert insult to ever have real happiness or true love. Once I took that leap of faith, I realized that fear had clouded the truth, that I lost out on two years of happiness simply because I was afraid.

When I felt what it was like to be myself, be happy and confident, I told myself there would never come a time in my life where I would not do something simply because I was afraid. In that moment I set in my mind that no matter how little or large the fear was, once I recognized it scared me or freaked me out, I immediately had to start figuring out a way to face that fear.

I have grown exponentially over the last 3 years, it makes me wish I had faced my fears much younger. It’s easier to look back, hindsight is 20/20, but I am moving forward, growing, loving and facing my fears on a daily basis.

There is no such thing as fearless, everyone feels fear…it’s you making a decision to be controlled by fear to control fear. You have it in you, we all do, I know that now and it makes it easier to deal with! Face your fears, always, and I guarantee you will grow.

Let’s get after it! What fear do you face daily? Pick just one to get the ball rolling, face it tomorrow!

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